The New England Gilbert & Sullivan Society Ensemble is a performing troupe specializing in the works of G&S, operetta, musical theatre and more. Comprised of talented NEGASS members, the NEGASS Ensemble singers and musicians can be heard in theatrical productions and concerts throughout New England. For more information or to bring The New England Gilbert & Sullivan Society Ensemble to your concert hall, please contact








New England Gilbert & Sullivan Society Ensemble members:

Angela Jajko, Director, Mezzo-Soprano Christine St. Pierre, Soprano
Katherine Engel Meifert, Conductor, Mezzo-Soprano Tony Parkes, Bass-Baritone
Thomas B. Dawkins, Piano, Bass-Baritone Randy Glidden, Baritone
Rebecca Hains, Soprano Martha Birnbaum, Soprano
Tyler Hains, Bass-Baritone Lonnie Powell, Tenor
Tom Frates, Baritone David Bell, Tenor
Elaine B. Crane, Soprano Brad Amidon, Tenor
Christine Petkus, Soprano Connell West Benn, Soprano
Susan Craft Larson, Mezzo-Soprano Kaori Emery, Soprano
Shannon Bullis Lebron, Mezzo-Soprano Lisa Pierce-Goldstein, Soprano
Steve Lebron, Baritone Larry Millner, Bass

Says You! Radio Show Featuring NEGASS

NEGASS and Says You!

NEGASS Performs With the Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra

(excerpted from the February 2015 Trumpet Bray)

In the concert-opening selection “Rule Brittania”, Connie Benn, Christine Petkus and Angela Jajko appeared as a featured trio.  Later in the concert, the NEGASS ensemble performed highlights from G&S, including “I’m called Little Buttercup”, “I am the very model of a Modern Major-General”, and “Poor wand’ring one”, featuring Angela Jajko, Thomas Frates and Rebecca Hains respectively, and then, from the two H.M.S. Pinafore finales, “For a British tar” and “For he is an Englishman”.

Rebecca Hains returned to the stage to perform the soprano solo in the theme from Downtown Abbey.  Both concerts were sold out, and the audience gave thunderous applause for all performers.
When Angela, Christine and Connie entered in Victorian dresses, the audience responded with “oohs” and “ahs”, and then at the end of the G&S set, there was tremendous laughter when Stephen Lebron (dressed as a Grenadier Guard) saluted the Maestro, and the Maestro saluted him back.

Many compliments were given on both the vocal quality and professional demeanor of the NEGASS performers.  During the intermission, the audience was greeted in the lobby by the cast in full costume.  Many were excited to take group photos, share G&S experiences, and learn more about NEGASS.  Some audience members even asked if we were really from England!  They were a delight to sing for–so receptive and appreciative.