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The New England Gilbert and Sullivan Society


This message came via email from organizer Bob Russell, who assures Us that there is no deadline to sign up:

The Savoyard Light Opera Company is sharing

A Rare, Fun-Filled & Rewarding
Gilbert & Sullivan Opportunity

Roberta Morrell's Master Class

"She has never failed to deliver
extremely entertaining and edifying
workshops. It is thru my work with
her that I have won many an audition
(G&S and Broadway type music) and
her directorial skills have given
me great insights into directing,
which I also now do." - (Penn. pupil)

(see SLOC & RM in DETAILS, below)

Venue: First Religious Society Hall
Town center, Carlisle, Mass.

Accompanist: Eric Schwartz

Schedule & Fees
("a la carte")

Saturday, January 27, 2007

9:00 - 11:30 Theatre Skills Workshop $20 (WS)*

11:30 - 12:30 D'Oyly Carte Q&A,
Lunch, Break $10 (QA)*

12:30 - 2:30 Open Individual/Group
Master Classes $30 (MCO)*

Observers (entire period) $10 (OBS)*

2:30 - 4:00 Semi-Private Master Classes $50 (MCS)*

4:00 - 5:30 Private Master Classes $50 (MCP)*

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Private Group Theatre Skills Workshops $300 (WSP)*

(* Described in
DETAILS below)

SLOC Contact: Bob Russell, email r@savoyard.org


To be a Participant or Observer:

1. Return this email in its entirety and with the
appropriate insertions to SLOC Treasurer Bob
Russell (r@savoyard.org). See "important notes"
before placing your order. Pay later - see #9.

2. Insert your name, postal address and phone below
(only one name needed if order is for a group):

Insert here >
3. Order your choice of any or all sessions by placing
an 'X' in front of the appropriate lines below (use
numerals for quantities greater than one):
Saturday, January 27
WS $20 Theatre Skills Workshop
QA $10 D'Oyly Carte Q&A, Pizza & Soda Lunch
MCO $30 Individual/Group Master Class w/Observers
OBS $10 Observer, MCO Sessions
MCS $50 Semi-Private Master Class
MCP $50 Private Master Class
Sunday, January 28
WSP $300 Private Group Theatrical Skills Workshop

$ < Enter the total dollar amount of your order.

4. Insert time requests on the line below
(e.g., 1:00-1:30 for MCO).

Insert here >

5. If your time request is a firm requirement or you
have limited availability (e.g., must leave at 3:00),

Note it here >

6. If you have a question for Roberta to answer
during lunch (e.g., What type of lodging was
provided on D'Oyly Carte tours?),

Note it here >

(Or send it later)

7. Orders will receive priority according to their
date of receipt. Availability is limited.

8. Orders will be acknowledged. Time arrangements
will be confirmed where applicable (MCO, etc.).

9. Payment request will be emailed after times are
confirmed. Unless otherwise arranged, orders
will be cancelled unless payment is received by
the date specified on the payment request.


Refunds. SLOC will provide a prompt refund of monies
receive for any parts of orders where SLOC does not
make the services available as offered. There will be
no other remedy.

Order cancellation. No refunds will be made except
where others use and pay for the cancelled service.

SLOC Treasurer Bob Russell will represent SLOC in all
matters relating to this event. His decisions,
including modification of this offer, will be final
unless otherwise determined by the SLOC Board of


SLOC The Savoyard Light Opera Company, Inc. is a non-
profit organization founded in 1971. We present
both Gilbert and Sullivan and other musicals on
a rotating basis. For a list of past productions
and other information, please visit our website:

In the spring, we will be holding auditions for The
Gondoliers, to be presented in November 2007 with
full orchestra, superb sets and great costumes. All
qualified performers are invited to audition. It is
SLOCs policy that roles be awarded according to
merit, regardless of prior SLOC participation.

RM Roberta Morrell performed with the D'Oyly Carte Opera
Company when it was still operated by the D'Oyly Carte
family. She was friend and biographer of the late
Kenneth Sandford. She is an expert director of both
amateur and professional G&S productions. We are very
fortunate that she has agreed to share her expertise
with us. Further details of Ms. Morrell's career may
be seen on the Gilbert and Sullivan Archive website:

FRS www.uucarlisle.org (map, directions)

WS (Theatre Skills Workshop) - $20

Roberta and 10 - 25 Participants will spend a fun-
filled 150 minutes going through the basic stage
skills all actors and actresses need in order to
appear polished and professional. Posture, walking,
gestures, falling (without breaking a leg), being
part of a crowd, taking a curtain call, holding
your partner, not upstaging, getting up or down
alone or with a partner, simple dance technique,
use of hands, stage fighting, posture and stance
according to the character being played and even
more. All participants will "get into the act" in this
comprehensive workshop unless they wish to sit out
any part.

QA (D'Oyly Carte Q & A, Lunch, Break) - $10

Roberta will do her best to speak above crunching
pizza and bubbling soda provided to all who opt to
attend. She'll answer questions about the D'Oyly Carte
Opera Company from her personal experience. Questions
submitted with your order (see item 6, above) will be
answered first. At an appropriate point, Roberta will
run off and "be permitted to soliloquize" in
preparation for a full afternoon.

MCO (Open Individual Master Classes) - $30

Individuals or groups sharing the fee (e.g., $10 each
for a trio, $1 each for a large chorus) get Roberta's
undivided attention for 30 minutes (less a few minutes
here or there). They perform their choice of song or
dialogue, Gilbert & Sullivan or otherwise. Roberta
then makes suggestions for improvement according to
needs, whether that be vocally or in gestures. SLOC
provides the accompanist, the participants provide
copies of the music or dialogue. A group may even
choose to stage a scene. Other attendees are permitted
to observe (see OBS).

OBS (Observers) - $10

Observers are permitted to sit in on all Open
Individual Master Classes, described above, but
may not participate in any way, including asking
questions. No recordings will be permitted to be
made by observers except with permission.

MCS Semi-Private Master Classes - $50

Same as MCO, except observation is limited to those
participating in MCSs of the same general time
grouping. No participant will be permitted to record
any other participant without permission.

MCP Private Master Classes - $50

Same as MCO, except no observation permitted.

WSP Private Theatre Skills Workshop - $300

This is reserved for organizations wishing to have
only members of their group involved in a workshop


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