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New design for The Trumpet Bray on the Web

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For the past several years, The Trumpet Bray has been posted to the Web in two formats:

  • as PDFs (that is, as easily printable copies of the print edition)
  • in HTML code (that is, as standard Web pages)

Starting with the August, 2005 issue, The Trumpet Bray is only available on the Web in PDF format.

Note: Very old issues of The Trumpet Bray are still available in The G & S Archives

If you object to this change and wish Us to return to a standard Web page format, please send a message to the NEGASS webmistress. - mlc

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All contributions are welcome, of course - but, strictly speaking, only activities and articles relating to G&S ought to be published. (…although an occasional Yes We Know It's Not slips by when the subject relates to a promising activity presented by long-standing and active member of NEGASS.)

  1. E-mail is the best way to send things! - is the best path. (Actually, anything else will also get here, eventually...)
  2. The US Postal Service is fine, too - send letters, preferably typed, or hand-written very clearly so that We can read and correctly reproduce names, dates, etc. - to NEGASS, PO Box 367, Arlington, MA 02476-0004.
  3. The Telephone is a very last choice, and our current Editor pro tem April Grant can't be reached by this method. It's possible that a future Bray editor will make his/her phone number available.
    - Note: spellings of names and specifics of dates are awfully hard to be sure of when delivered by Word of Mouth (Oricular or otherwise), and Bray editors rarely have time to phone people back to check details. Please use the phone only if you have no other choice!


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