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Vol. XXVIII No. 5
March/April 2004
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Sunday, March 21 at 2:00 PM

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Last Minute Light Opera SORCERER

(How to get there - The Park Avenue Congregational Church, 50 Paul Revere Road, Arlington, MA

On Sunday, March 21 at 2:00 PM, at the Park Avenue Congregational Church, 50 Paul Revere Road in Arlington MA. Conductor: David Larrick.

News Update! Dave Leigh informs Us all roles have been cast!

There are still a couple of roles open for this gala sing-through with orchestra: Dr. Daly and the Notary - while We remain willing to step aside for an eager young Aline. Email Program Chair Dave Leigh at, or phone him at (781) 894-3009, if you want one of the roles.

Here’s the cast list, as it stands currently:

Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre: Dave Leigh
Alexis: Lee Patterson
John Wellington Wells: Tony Parkes
Lady Sangazure: Allegra Martin
Aline: Marion Leeds Carroll (- but We’re willing to step aside for a hopeful young soprano)
Mrs. Partlet: Juliet Cunningham
Constance: Rebecca Burstein
Hercules: Carl Weggel

Dr. Daly: Thomas Dawkins
Notary: Irv Hodgkin

See you there!

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FEBRUARY: CARTOONS AT THE NEWTON FREE LIBRARY The G&S-related animated cartoons provided by NEGASS’s Don Smith were once more an almost-unqualified hit. We hope to see most of these again - but all present agreed that it’s time to find a replacement for Gentlemen of Titipu, despite Anna Russell’s voice.

NEGASSers who were surprised to find the first cartoon half-over when they arrived at 2:00 learned later of the compromise that Program Chair Dave Leigh was forced to effect as a result of a miscommunication: the library had publicized 1:30, rather than 2, as the program start time.

Later we enjoyed The Great Raffle Game... as Dave tells the story: “We had three prizes: the greeting cards [Tyson Vick’s original G&S note cards, mentioned in last month’s Bray], a CD of the 60's D'OC MIKADO, and an IDA score [Dave’s own piano-vocal edition, no less!]. We put the raffle tickets into one of Allegra [Martin]'s great big mittens, and I got children in the audience to reach in and pull out the winning tickets.

The first volunteer, a girl of about thirteen with extremely red hair, reached in and pulled out a ticket, and I read the number aloud. The girl quietly replied, "that's mine." She handed me her stub for verification, and by an amazing coincidence, she had indeed drawn her own number. So the greeting cards were hers.

The second volunteer, a boy of about seven, came up and drew a ticket, and I read the number. The winner was a little old lady about halfway back, who came up to the front and seemed quite happy and a little surprised that she'd won. I verified the number and the CD was hers.

The third volunteer, a boy maybe nine, came up and drew a number, and after a pause, a voice said, "I think that's mine." The owner of the voice turned out to be none other than the boy who had done the second drawing. Thing was, he had no stub — he claimed he'd dropped it in the mitten when he'd come up the first time. It sounded pretty suspicious, but emptying out the mitten and searching for the other half of that particular ticket would have taken much more time than I was comfortable spending on the halftime entertainment, and the audience thought the whole thing was hilarious (someone even started singing "A Nice Dilemma"). In the end, I took the J. W. Wells approach and asked the audience to decide; the general consensus was to let him have the prize. I don't know what use he'd have of a IDA vocal score, but he's got one. And if it helps him become an avid G&S fan, then that's just fine by me.

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News Update! Meeting date has changed!

MAY 2: ELECTIONS/FANTASY MEETING Yes, this was originally going to take place JUNE 6 - and then it was going to be May 16 - but the memory of last year’s extremely successful Election/Fantasy meeting, which was held in mid-May at the Park Avenue Congregational Church in Arlington, MA, have led the board to switch the date.

ELECTIONS: This year Members-at-Large Linda Silverstein, Janice Dallas and Marion Leeds Carroll are up for re-election. So are our Vice President (Tony Parkes), Secretary (Jennifer Morris - who has already abdicated), and Program Chair (Dave Leigh). If you think you’d like to try - if you’d like to know more about these positions - please check out our contact info, and be in touch!

Note: The three contested M-a-Ls actually hold extra roles, independent of our M-a-L positions: Linda is our Company Promoter, Janice is our Membership Chair, and We are the Bray editor/web-mistress... is anyone eager to take on part or all of any of these roles? We can share!

FANTASIES: Last year we started out with an ad-hoc TRIAL, and went on to have a fabulous time playing around with gender-bending fantasies. What will it be this year? Come join us - throw your own fantasies into the pot, and see what happens!

Needed: A Bray editor’s apprentice. (Don’t cue the Mickey Mouse cartoon; this is serious, and besides, the music isn’t Sullivan...) Yes - after all these years, We are getting serious about taking care of Our health, and about maybe not rejecting everything Our neurologist tells us. * (We’ll see how long this resolution lasts..) Maybe We can start by discussing - *gasp* - handing over the Web site updates?! The site is really ripe for a redesign - anyone want to discuss that with Us? Or - anyone ready to just hang out with Us as We put together a Bray or two, to see all that goes into the task, to see what parts you’d like to take over and how soon, and what improvements you’d suggest? Let Us know!

-- mlc,

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Tentative Meeting Schedule, 2003-2004 

May 2 (new date!) Election/Fantasy meeting
August Picnic Meeting, tba

Next Bray Copy Deadline: April 11 2004

Next Bray Stuffing: Sunday April 18, 2004 at 3:00 PM at 111 Fairmont St, Arlington, MA. Call Us at (781) 646-9115 evenings and weekends, or send email to for directions to Our easy-to-get-to Arlington home. -mlc

spring and summer

Member News

fall and winter

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome We New Member Jay Madeira of Yarmouth, ME.

Jay states that he's an 82 year old widower and retired. He played cello in a pit orchestra for RUDDIGORE many years ago and always regretted that he never got to see the show. Now he plays the banjo and enjoys attending the shows put on by The G&S Society of Hancock County. He wishes there were more groups performing G&S operettas.

- Tell Us, Tell Us All About It! Hearty Greeting Offer We!mlc

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into the wat'ry wave...TORONTO SINGOUT CANCELLED The organizers write: Due to circumstances beyond our control, we will be unable to proceed with the planned Toronto Gilbert and Sullivan Singout. Many thanks to everyone who expressed interest in coming - we're sorry things didn't pan out 'cause we were looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

We're hoping that someone will pick up the ball and organize another Singout. They take a lot of work to organize but, in the long run, they're a lot of fun.

And so, from Ori, Len, Elspeth, Bill, and myself, we extend to you our heartfelt thanks for your support and understanding.


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A NEGASS SINGOUT??? Shall NEGASS host a Singout? It would be a lot of work. It would take a lot of planningblossom and bud , and a chunk of cash up-front. It’s not something that we could throw together in time for the summer of ’04 - it’s been estimated that if we started now it might be ready in time for the summer of 2006. Do we have people who’d be interested in taking on such a project? Do we have an individual with the strength to coordinate such a group? Let NEGASS know! - mlc

AMERICAN G&S ACTIVITIES SURVEY Hello, I am a researcher in American studies at the University of Nancy in France, where I am currently writing a paper about Gilbert and Sullivan’s popularity in the USA. I am trying to gain a better understanding of the role of American Gilbert and Sullivan societies. The survey should take just 5 to 10 minutes to fill out. I would greatly appreciate any information you wish to give me. I would be happy to share my findings with you if you are interested once the paper is published.


Visit or to download this survey. The PDF will yield a printable version which you can fill out and mail. The Word document is downloadable and printable, and it also gives you the option to fill it out on your computer and send it to Rachel as an email attachment. (Sorry - We have not had time to turn this into a Web form, as We’d intended!) We will also bring print-outs of this survey to the next NEGASS meeting.

Rachel Hutchins
42-44 avenue de la Libération BP 3397
54015 NANCY Cedex
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D’OYLY CARTE TENOR’S PAGES: Jeff Cresswell (D'Oyly Carte tenor) has a website ... if you care to click on his site you'll find a host of info about the realities of the profession and being in the old company: Go to 'D'Oyly Days', follow the pics and you'll find some really interesting stuff.

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FOREIGN-LANGUAGE G&S CDS - now, why didn’t We think to ask David Stieber? - Alan Combs, the conductor of the Andover Choral Society and voice teacher at the Phillips Andover Academy, is looking for sources of CD's and other recordings of G&S productions sung in German, Swedish, and other foreign languages. Don Smith replies: The only ones which I know are (or have been) commercially available are MIKADO in Spanish and Catalan; and MIKADO, PIRATES and PINAFORE in Yiddish; and PIRATES in Esperanto. Other items are strictly bootleg. Dave Leigh points out that the Esperanto PIRATES is out of print, and Carl Weggel adds that a Google search yields a review of Die Piraten written by Marc Shepherd and none other than Don Smith!

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SUDBURY SAVOYARDS NEWS On February 28th, the Sudbury Savoyards held their Annual Meeting at Hawes Hall in the Sudbury [MA] United Methodist Church. Elections were held to fill four vacant positions on their Board of Trustees. Elected were Dennis O'Brien, Patrick Kinney, and incumbents Tom Powers and Paula Moravek. They join Donna Roessler, Ed Fell, and Laurel Martin.

Chosen for Sudbury's second annual "Yeomen of Regard" honors were Nancy and the late Bill Burdine, and David Larrick. They join David's former wife, the late Sally Osborn, Betty Farmer, the late Priscilla Davis, Will Ford, and Lawrence Haworth, who were the first group of Very Important People in Sudbury's past selected.

Ezra and Randi Kestin Peisach

Ezra and Randi Kestin Peisach backstage at Sudbury's PIRATES - photo by Janice Dallas

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SLOC NEWS New Board elected at SLOC's Annual Meeting: Ron & I, being loyal "Ancestors" of the Savoyard Light Opera Company, attended their Annual Meeting on Feb. 8, 2004, in Carlisle [MA]. The major event of the meeting was the election of new Board members. Patti Lopoulos, Bob Russell, Brian Harris, and returning member Susan Schmidt, were elected to join present members, Rollin Jeglum, Tedford Armstead, and Craig Howard.

There was a discussion of this past Fall's show, IOLANTHE. Everything went well and they made a profit. The Co-producer idea worked out so well that they will continue having them for the next show, The Secret Garden, coming next November.

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COSTUMES and other theatrical supplies provided by The Performing Arts Supply Co. are used by the G&S Society of Houston, TX and other G&S groups - and, based on the brochure they’ve sent Us, they are very effective. Visit their web site to see more.

&&& Looking for the reviews in this issue? Visit our new review page.

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IN-PROGRESS PDF BRAY ARCHIVE We've been posting PDF versions of recent Brays on the web. What does this mean? It means that if you have a (free and easily accessible) copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, you can print out a copy of the issue you want, looking pretty much the same as the copy you received in the mail - in case you lost your old copy, or want to give a copy to someone else. Ultimately, We hope to create a more nearly complete archive of old Brays in PDF format.

NEW! INDEX TO RECENT ON-LINE BRAYS There are no links yet to the out-of-date calendar pages - but the articles are now available. Enjoy! - mlc

Note: Very old issues of The Trumpet Bray are still available in The G & S Archives.



All contributions are welcome, of course - but, strictly speaking, only activities and articles relating to G&S ought to be published. (…although an occasional Yes We Know It's Not slips by when the subject relates to a promising activity presented by long-standing and active member of NEGASS.)

  1. E-mail is the best way to send things! - or will get to Us equally well. (So will nearly anything else, eventually...)
  2. The US Postal Service (aka "snail mail") is fine, too - send letters, preferably typed, or hand-written very clearly so that We can read and correctly reproduce names, dates, etc. - to NEGASS, PO Box 367, Arlington, MA 02476-0004.
  3. The Telephone is a very last choice. We do have an answering machine, but spellings of names and specifics of dates are awfully hard to be sure of when delivered by Word of Mouth (Oricular or otherwise), and We rarely have time to phone people back to check details. Please use the phone only if you have no other choice!
 -- mlc   
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