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Vol. XXVIII No. 4
January/February 2004
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Sunday, February 1 at 2:00 PM

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Cartoons at the Newton Free Library

(How to get there - 330 Homer Street, Newton Centre, MA

On Sunday, February 1 at 2:00 PM, at the Newton Free Library, Newton, MA. We enjoyed this charming program a few years ago, hosted by MIT, and look forward to seeing it again in Newton. We’ll be seeing a group of G&S-inspired-or-related animated cartoons provided by NEGASS’s Don Smith. The program includes:

A one-hour version of RUDDIGORE featuring the voices of old D'Oyly Carte regulars such as Donald Adams, Kenneth Sandford, John Reed and Peggy Ann Jones.

Two short pieces based on patter songs: "Modern Major-General" from PIRATES and "When I Went to the Bar" from IOLANTHE, both in the voice of John Reed.

"Gentlemen of Titipu" - a very free, modern and “hip” short adaptation of MIKADO, whose sole redeeming quality (according to Don) is that Anna Russell provides the voice of Katisha.

"Gilbert and Sullivan - the Very Models" - a short “clay-mation” story of the partnership, which lasts about 15 minutes and features music from all of the operas.

Can you imagine a pleasanter way to spend 2 hours on a cold winter afternoon?

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DECEMBER HOLIDAY PARTY: You didn’t miss it - it was snowed out. But there were quite a few last-minute requests from folks who wanted to attend - so we’ll try again next year.



MARCH 21: LMLO SORCERER We’ll want to start casting early, in spite of the Last-Minute quality of the program, so that cast members can be prepared for tricky ensembles. Send Program Chair Dave Leigh your top three choices at, or phone him at (781) 894-3009, by his deadline of March 1, and he will do his best to satisfy you all. The cast list will appear in the next Bray. (Roles - see below.)

Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre (baronet): Duet, ensemble numbers, and dialogue. Bass or Baritone

Alexis (his son): Two solos, ensemble numbers, and
dialogue. Tenor

Dr. Daly (Vicar of Ploverleigh): Two solos, ensemble
numbers, and dialogue. Lyric Baritone or Tenor

Notary: Some ensemble music. Bass

John Wellington Wells (professional sorcerer): Solos, duet, ensemble music, and dialogue. Patter Baritone

Lady Sangazure: two duets, ensemble music. Contralto

Aline (her daughter, betrothed to Alexis) two solos, duets, ensemble music, dialogue. Soprano

Mrs. Partlet (a pew opener) solo recitative, ensemble
music, dialogue. Mezzo-Soprano or Contralto

Constance (her daughter) Two solos, ensemble music,
dialogue. Soprano

Hercules (a page) Two lines of dialogue. Traditionally
played by a child.

Oh joyous boon! Oh mad delight! - Which role shall We request?!

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MAY: Date and topic still are unofficial, but in order to fit both a Bray and a meeting in between the LMLO meeting in March and the Elections/Fantasy meeting in June, May 16 is really the only day. Does anyone have anything Savoyard they’re longing to do that month? Tell Us, Tell Us All About It!

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Tentative Meeting Schedule, 2003-2004 

February Movies at the Newton Library. This year: Cartoons based on G&S
May Possible meeting TBA
June 6 Election/Fantasy meeting

Next Bray Copy Deadline: February 29, 2004

Next Bray Stuffing: Sunday March 7, 2004 at 3:00 PM at 111 Fairmont St, Arlington, MA. Call Us at (781) 646-9115 evenings and weekends, or send email to for directions to Our easy-to-get-to Arlington home. -mlc

spring and summer

Member News

fall and winter

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome We New Members Ned & Martha Dahl of Peterborough, John P. Rattigan, Jr. of Newton, and Todd E. Grady of Andover

Ned & Martha were given their membership by Jane S. Young, their NEGASS neighbor. (Membership Chair Janice thinks she heard her say that Ned had sung with the Tanglewood Chorus.) John writes that he's Enthusiastic Audience. No news from Todd - Tell Us, Tell Us All About It! Hearty Greeting Offer We!mlc

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POST-CHRISTMAS SHOPPING Canadian member Wilfrid M. de Freitas, a specialist in antiquarian and out-of-print books, writes: “We've just today updated the Gilbert & Sullivan section of our website - - with over 700 new items: books, programmes, ephemera, photos, postcards; lots of new stuff, with prices to suit every pocket - from $2 to $2000!”

What a great opportunity to spend all those gift check you got for Christmas, and purchase what you really had hoped to receive for Christmas! If you prefer to receive a print catalog, write to:
Wilfrid M. de Freitas - Bookseller
P.O. Box 883, Stock Exchange Tower
Montreal, Canada H4Z 1K2

&&& G&S NOTE CARDS 49-North Productions has sent NEGASS a sample box of Tyson Vick’s original G&S note cards. We’ll bring them to the next meeting, with order information. - mlc

&&& Looking for the reviews in this issue? Visit our new review page.

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IN-PROGRESS PDF BRAY ARCHIVE We've been posting PDF versions of recent Brays on the web. What does this mean? It means that if you have a (free and easily accessible) copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, you can print out a copy of the issue you want, looking pretty much the same as the copy you received in the mail - in case you lost your old copy, or want to give a copy to someone else. Ultimately, We hope to create a more nearly complete archive of old Brays in PDF format.

NEW! INDEX TO RECENT ON-LINE BRAYS There are no links yet to the out-of-date calendar pages - but the articles are now available. Enjoy! - mlc

Note: Very old issues of The Trumpet Bray are still available in The G & S Archives.



All contributions are welcome, of course - but, strictly speaking, only activities and articles relating to G&S ought to be published. (…although an occasional Yes We Know It's Not slips by when the subject relates to a promising activity presented by long-standing and active member of NEGASS.)

  1. E-mail is the best way to send things! - or will get to Us equally well. (So will nearly anything else, eventually...)
  2. The US Postal Service (aka "snail mail") is fine, too - send letters, preferably typed, or hand-written very clearly so that We can read and correctly reproduce names, dates, etc. - to NEGASS, PO Box 367, Arlington, MA 02476-0004.
  3. The Telephone is a very last choice. We do have an answering machine, but spellings of names and specifics of dates are awfully hard to be sure of when delivered by Word of Mouth (Oricular or otherwise), and We rarely have time to phone people back to check details. Please use the phone only if you have no other choice!
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