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Vol. XXIX No. 1
August-September 2004
 - Pour, oh pour the pirate sherry -


Sunday, Aug 29 at 4:00 PM

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Picnic Meeting/PIRATES Singthrough

(How to get there - 281 Fairmount Avenue, Hyde Park, MA)

On Sunday, Aug 29 at 4:00 PM at the home of Dr. and Mrs. David Sheldon, last year’s hosts, who live at 281 Fairmount Avenue, Hyde Park, MA, just south of Boston.

- tackle the mutton -

We’ll begin at 4 p.m. with a complete sing-through of PIRATES (on book, of course), accompanied by Juliet Cunningham, followed by feasting and general merriment. All NEGASS members, prospective members, and their guests are cordially invited.

All those attending the picnic are asked to bring their own entrees and beverages and one item (salad, vegetables, dessert, etc.) to share. Grills (with fuel) will be available for barbecuing, and there will be condiments and paper plates available as well.

Roles in PIRATES

Frederic (tenor)

Mabel (soprano)

Samuel (tenor or baritone)

Edith (soprano or mezzo)

Major-General Stanley (comic baritone)

Kate (mezzo)

The Pirate King (baritone)

Ruth (contralto)

Sergeant of Police (bass-baritone)

Isabel (speaking role)

Note: The roles of the Pirate King and Major-General are taken, and We know that at least one other role has been requested, so act soon! - contact Program Chair Dave Leigh at (781) 984-3009 or to tell him which role you want.

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MAY 2: Elections/Fantasy Day: Another fun Fantasy Day, following another satisfactory Election Meeting!

ELECTIONS: Members-at-Large Linda Silverstein, Janice Dallas and Marion Leeds Carroll were re-elected handily, as were Vice President Tony Parkes and Program Chair Dave Leigh. The abdication of our previous Secretary led to a new arrangement: MAL Carl Weggel became our new Secretary (isn't this the third position he has held on the Board?), and new Bray Apprentice Skyler Wrench took Carl's place as Member at Large.

FANTASIES: Thank you to Tony Parkes, who collected the names of all who performed that afternoon - it was quite a day!

We started with the Act I Finale of PATIENCE, featuring Dave Leigh (Duke), Peter Cameron (Major), Eric Schwartz (Colonel), Tony Parkes (Bunthorne), Skyler Wrench (Grosvenor), Marion Leeds Carroll (Patience), Deborah Sager (Angela), Janice Dallas (Ella and Saphir), and - not least - Dave Leigh (Jane).

We then moved on to solos and ensembles:

Silvered Is the Raven Hair

Isabel Leonard

Modern Major General

Dave Leigh

Oh, I Have Wrought/The Family Vault

Allegra Martin (J.W. Wells), Dave Leigh (Lady Sangazure) [yes - that was the casting! - mlc]

Hereupon We're Both Agreed

Allegra Martin (Point), Skyler Wrench (Shadbolt)

So Go to Him and Say to Him

Deborah Sager, Dave Leigh

There Lived a King

Eric Schwartz

I Am the Captain of a Whale Watch Boat (the only altered lyric of the day)

Isabel Leonard

Oh, Gentlemen, Listen

Carl Weggel

Long Years Ago

Marion Leeds Carroll, Deborah Sager

When the Night Wind Howls

Skyler Wrench

Take a Pair of Sparkling Eyes

Carl Weggel

In a Contemplative Fashion

Skyler Wrench, Tony Parkes, Deborah Sager, Isabel Leonard

The Nightmare Song

Tony Parkes

The Ape and the Lady

Deborah Sager

I Know a Youth

Marion, Tony Parkes (Isabel on piano)

If You Go In

Janice (Tolloller), Deborah (Mountararat), Isabel (Lord Chancellor)

Things Are Seldom What They Seem

Isabel Leonard, Carl Weggel

When the Buds Are Blossoming

Entire company

Hail Poetry

Entire company

Special mention to:

Eric Schwartz, piano
Carol Mahoney, refreshments
Howard Rosenkranz (Linda Silverstein's father), page turner.

Thanks, all, for a lovely afternoon! - mlc

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Tentative Meeting Schedule, 2004 - 2005

August 29

Picnic Meeting and PIRATES sing-through

September 12 or 19

Tentative informal PATIENCE sing - Watertown, MA (please contact Bray Apprentice Skyler Wrench, or 617-924-5303 for more information)

October 17

probable informal sing of IDA in Arlington, MA

November 24

non-meeting Bray

December 11

Holiday party, probably in Lexington

January 23 or 30, 2005

Film (IOLANTHE?) at the Newton Free Library

March 13


April 17

G&S Potpourri - TRIAL plus Gilbert plays and/or legal-topic Bab ballads, plus Sullivan - TBA

June 5 or 12

Elections/Fantasy meeting

Next Bray Copy Deadline: Sept 26, 2004

Next Bray Stuffing: Sunday August 15, 2004 at 3:00 PM at 111 Fairmont St, Arlington, MA. Call Us at (781) 646-9115 evenings and weekends, or send email to for directions to Our easy-to-get-to Arlington home. -mlc

(by all means!):
It’s time to renew your membership!

The Board’s decision several years ago to create extra categories of membership is still in effect. Please bear in mind that the majority of our members are still “Yeomen,” but that those who wish to contribute more to NEGASS have the opportunity to do so, in the following increments:

$15 Yeomen (basic membership)
$25 Daughters of the Plough
$50 Bucks and Blades
$100 Flowers of Progress

(On the other hand, if even the $15 basic membership is a problem, please talk to Membership Chair Janice Dallas. Please note – Charter Members officially hold their membership as a gift from the Society – but many insist upon donating at some level. And some folks just like to give special donations!)

Lacking the means for a Display of Fireworks in the Evening, We celebrate these friends by printing a yearly list of Members Extraordinary - those who chose a category higher than Yeomen for the previous year. Here, forthwith, is the list of 2002-2003 Extraordinary Memberships (Bow, bow, ye Lower Middle Classes):

Daughters of the Plough

Frank Behrens
Robert Breau
Nancy & Philip Burstein
Peter T. Cameron
Ms. Judith Chasin
Allen Cohen
Thomas Drucker
Barry E. Garden
Sheldon & Alice Hochman
Charlee Hutton
Richard & Mary Hyatt
Alessandra Kingsford

Steven B. Levine
Ernest V. Loewenstein
Ervin H. Miller
Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Miller
Tony Parkes
Lonnie Powell
Ruth S. Roper
David Stieber
Jonathan Strong
Fred Ward
Dr. & Mrs. Charles Wilder
Stephen Zykofsky

Bucks and Blades

Mike Bromberg
Robert E. Cumming
Janice Dallas
Dean S. Edmonds Jr.
Wm. Randolph Franklin
Jim & Nina Harper

John & Irene Howard
Frederick Hughes
Arthur & Jean Koykka
Miles Cary Leahey
Lee Patterson
J. Donald Smith

Tom Weber

Flowers of Progress

Nancy Burdine

Carl Weggel

Charter Members

Eleanor Babikian
Harry Benford*
Van Pelt Brower*
Ruth Colson*
Juliet Cunningham
Dean Edmonds Jr.*
Jim Ellis
Alexander Nicoll Gerli
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Hopfenberg*
Walt Howe*
Larry Littlefield*
Richard Sewell*
William C. Venman*
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Weaver
Jeffrey Weisenfreund
Peter Zavon*

*Charter Members who have donated gifts to NEGASS

Other Donations

Nancy Burdine
(in memory of Bill Burdine)
Allen Cohen

John E. Dreslin
Thomas Drucker
(in memory of Bruce Miller)

Ernest V. Loewenstein

(How shall I express the all-absorbing gratitude - )

Whatever category suits you - please send your Renewal Form to NEGASS Membership Chair Janice Dallas, 63 Everett St., Arlington, MA 02474-6921 with what dispatch ye may! -- mlc

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NEGASS COMPANY PROMOTER SEEKS APPRENTICE: Linda Silverstein inquires whether anyone is interested in doing publicity for upcoming NEGASS meetings. This usually involves sending press releases via email to several newspapers. The job also involves placing and coordinating payment for NEGASS ads printed in programs. Linda can provided guidance, if necessary. Contact her at: (781) 828-6361 or

CHICAGO SINGOUT? No, that fell through - the organizers found everything except a location. We’ll keep hoping...

TWO LIMITED-REPERTOIRE SING-INS: MAINE AND PENNSYLVANIA Check the Calendar for sing-ins planned for September (in Maine) and October (in Philadelphia).

PAN-ATLANTIC G&S An exhibition "Gilbert and Sullivan: From London to America" featuring items from the collection of Dr. Harold Kanthor, will be on exhibit at the University of Rochester Library (Rochester, NY) from October 2, 2004 - March 15, 2005. It will focus on the original London productions and their transfer to New York and other American cities. For further information see the University of Rochester web site:


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G&S TRIVIA ON THE WEB: Tom Dawkins informs us of a highly entertaining G&S Trivia Quiz Site at

He writes: “There are twenty levels of increasing difficulty, with lots of Bab illustrations. You have to know quite a lot about the dialogue in these operas to get terribly far; difficult for listeners to the old D’OC recordings that don't include it!

Naturally, as a NEGASSer, I made it to and passed level twenty. :)”


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G&S SCORE DONATION Thank you, Pamela Rudd, a native of Toronto, who just donated a full set of piano-vocal scores to NEGASS before retiring to her home town.

NEWS OF MRS. SHEPHERD (OLD MEMORIES CROWD AROUND ME) Many NEGASSers remember fondly our annual picnic meetings at the lovely sea-side estate of Mrs. Shepherd. Her daughter writes:

Dear NEGASS, My name is Holly Fulton and my mother, Mrs. Mary Howe Shepherd, used to host NEGASS parties at our house in Bristol, Rhode Island. I think the last one was in the mid-nineties and we sang YEOMEN and you gave my mom a lovely plaque. It was a wonderful get-together.

She is now in a nursing home with Alzheimer's and I visit her every day when I come home to visit. I live in Denver, CO now and just finished singing in the chorus of RUDDIGORE with the Empire Lyric Players. They are THE G&S group of Denver. It's a great group. My husband sang in it too and he has turned into a G&S fiend. YES!!! He even had a line in the ghost scene with Roderick Murgatroyd. I had missed G&S and now am back into the G&S swing of things.

Is Warren Colson still with NEGASS? I came upon his incredibly enormous concordance while going thru my mother's G&S collection. Could you please give him my email address and tell him to email me and bring me up to date on NEGASS and how he is? {We forwarded Holly’s email to Warren’s widow, Ruth, who is still an active NEGASSer - Warren, as every NEGASS member knows, was our founder!]

I will join NEGASS when my husband and I move back to New England which should be in a few years. When I visit my mom now I take a BIG ole G&S book with me (Martyn Green's collection) and sing songs for her and some of them she remembers and she hums the tunes and says some of the words. It's precious given she has had Alzheimer's for 10 years!!

Thank you for forwarding this to Warren if possible.

[Thank you, Holly, for your news!]

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