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The New England Gilbert and Sullivan Society


The New England Gilbert and Sullivan Society is an organization dedicated to fostering the appreciation of the works of Sir William Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan. In the terminology of the G&S world, we are an appreciation society as opposed to a performing group. Many of our members also belong to local G & S performing groups, and we do our best to puff their performances! We are affiliated with the original Gilbert and Sullivan Society, founded nearly a century ago in England, which has branches throughout the world.

Our History | Our Purpose | Our Activities

But we don't know the story...

Our History

NEGASS was founded in the late nineteen-seventies by the late Warren Colson, a local performer and photographer who is also remembered as the author of the Gilbert and Sullivan Concordance.

The organization has pretensions of serving all of New England, but candor compels us to admit that our active membership, and therefore our activities, are pretty much centered around the near western suburbs of Boston. Our dues-paying members, who number approximately 200, are found on four continents - although, again, we admit that our Japanese and Australian members have not attended any recent meetings.

If you ask the special function...

Our Purpose

to topWe have prepared an on-line copy of our constitution for the legal-minded, describing our offical purpose. Simply put: we seek to help not only our own members, but all Savoyards in the New England area, by connecting people in need of G&S information, expertise or materials with others who have what they need. To this end we provide our members with a newsletter, The Trumpet Bray, which is published eight to ten times each year. We also maintain an e-mail list for random between-Bray updates.

The Trumpet Bray includes articles of interest to the G&S community, queries and requests, news about members, reviews of local productions, information about our meetings, and a calendar, which lists upcoming production information (auditions, calls for production staff, performance dates, and ticket information) - whatever information comes into our hands in timely fashion.

In addition, we have placed a number of G&S-related volumes in the Warren Colson Memorial Collection, which is housed at the Newton Free Library in Newton, MA.

We are also eager to place NEGASS ads in programs of G&S performances, as much for the sake of donating the price of the ad to the performance organization, as for the sake of Blowing Our Own Trumpet. Please contact us if you're putting on a G&S or G&S-related show! - you'll receive free publicity, and we'll be happy to purchase an ad in your program as well.

Further suggestions for supporting local G&S performing and research communities would be very welcome!

This is a very strange meeting...

Our Activities

Our meetings take place eight to ten times each year. The format and content are quite varied: we hold unrehearsed, uncostumed sing-alongs; we've performed G&S karaoke; we've enjoyed scholarly lectures, panel discussions, retrospectives of shows just performed, group attendance at performances, charades, cookouts, performances of Gilbert without Sullivan or Sullivan without Gilbert, costume parties... The list is limited only by the imagination of the membership. We'd welcome your suggestions on improving and varying our meetings - tell us, we pray you!

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